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Board Members

Little Fish Community Center operates as a non-profit. The board of directors oversees the center's programs. The board is run by a President, Vice-President, Treasure, and Secretary. Other members include the Mental Health Services Coordinator, and Community Outreach Manager.  These members vote on center policies, budgets, and support fundraising campaigns, gaining donors for our programs, and writing grant proposals. Board members contribute yearly to the program budget and as desired to meet needs of the center.  

President- Stephanie Andrews, BS in Early Childhood Education

Vice-President- Nicole Mundt

Secretary- Rebecca Alba

Treasurer- Elizabeth Atwood, Studying Associates in Business and Accounting 

Mental Health Coordinator- Claudio Lugo, PhD. Clinical Psychology

Community Outreach Manager- Denyelle Baker, Owner and board president of Purple Sparks, Inc. Not-for-Profit organization created to provide support to SURVIVORS of domestic violence and children affected


If you are interested in a board position please fill out the application

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