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How can I help?

The community center is a nonprofit organization. Funding will come from Grants, Government programs, and community members through monetary gifts, volunteer hours, and items needed for operation. 


As the center grows support/help from the community can come in many forms. Attending board meetings, offering items or services (in-kind donations), volunteering your time, monetary donations. 

All donations (monetary, items, or in-kind) are tax deductible. 

Our Current Projects

Little Fish is currently fundraising to obtain the funding needed to purchase a building for the Childcare center, and have a location to begin providing our other services. 

The required funding includes a down payment, closing costs, inspections, and our childcare licensing. 

We will announce any fundraiser we are holding, and donations received on our social media 


Immediate needs are posted on our social media.

The most common volunteer needs in the near future will be assisting with Childcare set up (painting, putting furniture together, organizing toys). Community Outreach set up and operation including assisting to organize all current items and processing item donations as they come.

To volunteer at the center please contact our Community Outreach Manager.

Background checks may be required depending on the volunteer activity.

To see a updated list of our contributors and collaborative partners visit our Thank You page.

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